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David Morgan Research Analyst
Editor: The Morgan Report


David Morgan is the editor of what is arguably the finest research report available anywhere on silver, precious metals and industrial opportunities in the developing world, Silver & Industry Trend Investor.

David has an extensive background in engineering with an advanced degree in economics and finance giving him a unique perspective to the financial markets that pure business majors often miss. He applies the discipline of logic to verify the basics of economic law. A strong believer in the principles of Austrian economics, David often discusses how misguided government polices and intervention in our monetary system have led people to a false understanding of what is money.

David has been published in numerous publications including The Herald Tribune, Gold Newsletter, Resource Consultants, Contact, News Gurus Magazine, Common Ground, and The Idaho Observer. He was published in the Global Investor regarding the ten rules of silver investing. His work has appeared on the internet at 321Gold, Le Metropole Cafe, Goldseek, Gold-Eagle, and he is a featured guest on radio and television programs having appeared on Don McAlvany's radio talk show, Financial Sense News Hour and Hard Money Watch.

Although he is an expert in silver and gold, David has increasingly focused on a broad array of unique and profitable opportunities using the analytical discipline of Free-Market analysis.

David recommended precious metals opportunities, particularly in silver, throughout 2003 and into 2004. He pulled back as the markets did and began to offer his readers other financial targets, especially those with an Asian focus - specifically China as it emerged as an increasingly viable investment opportunity.

For David, China represents a strong regional opportunity within the larger Free-Market business cycle. "As a researcher of fiat-money and its impact, I have come to the conclusion that central bankers cannot keep 'all the balls' in the air without the exploitation of a new, large market. Outside of Africa which is not a viable candidate, China is the last, best, underdeveloped market available for penetration."

And David adds, "The aging Chinese leadership will act no differently than others in their position. They see their rule as increasingly challenged and are looking to cash out - so it's to their advantage to sell the state assets of China to the highest bidder, just as it is in the West's interest to buy in. China is officially up for sale. Reality dictates that the Chinese and the West will cooperate to make it so."

David sees immense capital flows pouring into China over the next few decades. "There are going to be plenty of false starts and announcements that the China trend is dead," he notes. "But it is only now just beginning and will be hugely powerful throughout my lifetime. A country the size of China does not industrialize all at once. I expect that there will be investment opportunities along the lines of what we discussing that my children - and my readers' children - will be pursuing long after I am gone.

Huge fortunes will be made in Asia, especially in China," David says emphatically. "While my emphasis has been on precious metals, especially silver, business-cycle analysis tells us that the kind of regional industrialization that we are seeing in China will provide opportunities that will dwarf any particular mining opportunity. I'll still be commenting on the precious metals markets, but when it comes to China, we will continue to explore the larger ramifications of this ongoing industrial revolution in a way that will be of service to our readers, and to future generations yet to come."

David's reports focus his research in Asia and on precious metals using the following contextual elements:

  • The different ways that investors can participate in the business cycle and the risks associated with different types of regional and hard-money financial investments.
  • Current geo-political events which are causing more people to shift from region to region and from paper-based currencies to silver and gold.
  • Current economic conditions that are affecting the overall investment trends.
  • Analysis of companies that appear best positioned to yield above average returns.
  • Ongoing research and analysis of equity opportunities with special news bulletins containing material information that may have a positive or a negative impact.

Make David Morgan's Silver & Industry Trend Investor a part of your MY FREE-MARKET PORTFOLIO™ and discover the silver lining provided by one of the Free-Market industry's top market researchers.